Best-Seller on Amazon: This book is a collection of stories where serendipity and divinity intertwine. This book offers inspiring stories of connection; some are astonishing while others are humorous, but all will leave you feeling emotionally motivated, inspired and, hopefully, led down a different path. That path is the path to euphoric enlightenment. You will gain insights on how to uncover the lesson and discover the blessings – "When God Nods."

This book is filled with tales from people who, in their darkest moments, chose to believe in something they couldn't see. It is interwoven with the most delightful serendipitous acts of God's love for them and for me, as my story also unfolds.

You will learn the difference between living out of your head and living from your spirit. Imagine reading living testimony from others on how God worked miracles in their lives when all else seemed at its darkest.

"When God Nods" invites you to come along on their journey. Accept the invitation to open up to the powerful and majestic love of your higher power. Page by page, this book will leave you amazed, enlightened, and inspired.

Best-Seller: When God Nods: Inspirational Tales of Divine Serendipity