Sat on the Rocks


Making a Difference One Word at a Time

Purpose-based businesses know all about the busyness of business. You are out there serving humanity. I understand that. There’s only so much time in a hectic day. Today’s business owner is a savvy, multi-tasking extraordinaire; however, the days seem longer as time seems shorter.

Companies and individuals who make a difference understand what their prospects want for today’s transitioning world:

  1. Giving back/Making a Difference

  2. Connection

  3. Inspired Engagement

Above and beyond feeling understood and connected, your readers want to feel engaged with your content. They want updated information and resourcefulness. Throw in some entertainment for good measure. Mostly, your readers want the feeling of inspiration.

What begins as inspired engagement turns into inspired action. Let me connect you with your readers and inspire them – one word at a time.

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