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Kindness, Generosity & Thoughtfulness: The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Thoughtfulness is the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! Today I received a surprise letter in the mail from my dearly departed mother. Yes, you read that right. The holidays can be an emotional time, yes? Joy, sadness, expectations, birth, loss, transition, change and stagnancy. Pain, happiness, memories, and reflections. A season of many emotions.

Today I received a letter from my cousin, but only thing is it wasn't from him - it was from my mom. She had written to him to share our family tree and in his generosity, he forwarded it to me. What a joy it was and an emotional moment to open it and see her handwriting. It was as though (from my perspective) as if she knew I recently had an experience where I just needed a hug from her and a reassurance - you know the kind you can only get from your mom when ya screw up lol. Kindness knows no boundaries, no beginning and no end; it continues to flow like the river no matter the rocks, pebbles or boulders in its path. Thank you dear cousin for making my day! Thoughtfulness is the best Christmas present ever!