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Faith over Fear: Whom Do You Serve?

Faith over Fear: Whom Do You Serve?

In order to enjoy, we must first be in joy. How do we create a life where anything is possible? Have faith, have fun, and be fearless.

Have Faith

If you’re like most people, the tendency is to always know the outcome. The logical mind steps in and takes control of the reigns. While, of course, there is a time to be logical, there is also a time to be faithful. Sometimes, life calls us to weigh the pros and cons, while other times our spirit calls us to take a leap of faith.

Sometimes it is in that place and in that space when we take a leap of faith that the parachute opens in divine timing; all because we trusted it would. If we are always in the place of thinking and being logical, we rob ourselves of the joy of being faithful, trusting our intuition, and most importantly from divine guidance. We miss out on the adventure that is life.

Have Fun

It is human nature to always want to know the outcome, to play it safe, to make sure we control the outcome. When we take on viewing the unknown as the place where we get to play, have an adventure, we can fall in love with the unknown. We don’t have to play it safe, have all the answers, and know the outcome. We can trust ourselves, in divine guidance, no matter the choices we make or the outcome. We open ourselves up to being carefree, playful, adventurous and full of delight. Take some time to have fun and fall in love with the unknown.

Be Fearless

Whom do you serve; fear or faith. Everyone feels fear; it’s human nature. However, when it becomes a habit, fear will infiltrate every area of your life. Ask yourself, is this fear useful, helpful, does it serve a purpose? If the answer is no, take a moment to thank it.

Yes, that’s right, take time to thank fear for loving you so much it wants to keep you safe; then bless it and wish it farewell. Ask yourself, do you wish to live a life in servitude to fear or in service to faith. At any given moment, we are always at choice, and when we choose faith, we choose powerfully. Trust in knowing that in all things human, we are divinely guided and protected; we can trust ourselves and be self-reliant, all the while being God dependent.

When was the last time you chose faith over fear? Whom do you serve?