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Making a Difference for the Glory of God: Inner Healing

Making a Difference for the Glory of God: Inner Healing

Sometimes when you are hurting, offering yourself to another can help create a bond of healing for you both. In your darkest of moments, think about being a light. Extend yourself beyond your limits, outstretch your arms, and reach out to another. In that reaching out to another, you may discover that you have created a bridge – a bridge to make a difference in the life of someone else.

When we make a difference in the lives of others, we make a difference on behalf of God. We must never do it to satisfy our ego, wanting fame and accolades. We must simply do it to honor God.

God created us in the likeness and image of Himself. What an honor. Thank God for He has given us the gift of Himself to live within us. Think about how powerful that is for just a moment. Just as Christ came to offer us peace in his darkest moments, we can be that light for another.

You have the power and might of God living within you, and you can share that with the world. You can create your life to show up any way you wish regardless of circumstances or the past that haunts you. You can make a difference in the life of another.

Sometimes God shows up in ways we would never expect, in the most unlikely of people, the most unusual of circumstances and in ways that we could never have imagined. Why not be that source for someone else. You have so much to offer.

  • A kind word

  • A knowing smile

  • An unexpected phone call when it is least expected, most needed

Praise God for using you to make a difference in the lives of others. Sometimes, however, you must first receive healing, as well. Sometimes in order to receive that healing, there must be hurt and pain. Without the pain of labor, you cannot give birth to new life.

  • When there is pain there WILL BE peace

  • Where there is trial there WILL BE triumph

  • He hears you

  • He knows the value of your heart

Share that space of healing and grace and when you, as a human being, make a mistake, have regret, or hurt someone else out of your own pain, you can take the part of yourself that makes a difference and offer it up with grace.

Sometimes you say things or do things that you cannot take or get back. Let it go, for God has given you the gift of the present moment. You cannot recapture the past nor claim the future, but you can take responsibility for the present moment in which you stand.

Stand up to make a difference in the life of someone else. Smile that smile, make that call, and take responsibility for your part in a relationship. You never know how it may impact someone else. More importantly, you never know how it will impact the people in their radius either.

When you make someone else’s heart sing, you make a difference not only to them, but to the world around them, as well. It’s like the pebble in the pond and its subtle ripple effect. And in it all, you never know, you may just find inner healing, as well.